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Relations Thémes

Tu vis une relation qui te fait du mal…

Tu vis une relation qui te fait du malSi tu te tourmentes à l’attente du prochain rendez-vous.
Si tu paniques lorsque tu te retrouves seul.
Si tu suspectes que l’on n’a pas ton bien-être à coeur.
Il est peut-être temps de laisser la cigarette.

Tu veux en savoir plus long sur la contraception ou subir un test de dépistage des ITS ou un test de grossesse?

Si tu as des questions ou des préoccupations au sujet de ta santé ou si tu veux simplement parler en toute confidentialité avec quelqu’un à propos de la contraception, des infections transmissibles sexuellement ou d’une grossesse, sache que tu peux obtenir de l’aide ou des conseils au bout du fil.

Healthy Relationships

Healthy relationships include trust, companionship, respect, affection and intimacy. But some teens are victims of violence in their relationships. They need support and understanding, whether the relationship is still going on or not.

It is not OK for anyone to hurt you. A violent person does not just lose his or her temper: violence is done on purpose. You might feel confused, angry, hurt or scared. All of these feelings are normal.

Condoms always come in square packages, right?

Not necessarily!  Condoms are now being marketed in new, fun ways. "One" condom company is a company that is marketing "next generation" condoms and giving you an opportunity to share your design ideas. "One" condoms have been spotted in some stores around the NWT - check them out!

Real Beauty...

What is beauty anyway?

Have you ever noticed how perfect everyone looks on TV & in the movies? Perfect hair, perfect skin, perfectly shaped bodies?  In the real world, real beauty comes in many shapes, sizes and ages.

Check out the videos on this great link and get a new perspective on media and body images:Campaign for Real Beauty


Condom Demo Please

Putting on a condom correctly is harder than it looks.

Check out this great demonstration of how to correctly put on a condom. Take some time to practice!

Condom Demo

Have you heard? There’s a new vaccine to prevent cervical cancer.

There's a new vaccine that provides protection against a common virus called Human Papillomavirus or HPV.  This virus can cause cervical cancer.

The HPV vaccine will be offered free to Grade 4 girls in the NWT. A catch-up program will also be offered over the next 5 years for girls in grades 9-12.

Syphilis is in the NWT


Have you seen this sign posted in public places around the NWT? This has been used to alert NWT residents that there is currently an outbreak of the STI Syphilis in our communities. Check out pictures of the Syphilis bacteria & learn more about this STI under the STI section.

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