Have you heard? There’s a new vaccine to prevent cervical cancer.

There's a new vaccine that provides protection against a common virus called Human Papillomavirus or HPV.  This virus can cause cervical cancer.

The HPV vaccine will be offered free to Grade 4 girls in the NWT. A catch-up program will also be offered over the next 5 years for girls in grades 9-12.

HPV is a Sexually Transmitted Infection that often does not have any signs or symptoms. It is an infection that spreads easily by skin to skin contact during sex or other sexual contact like oral sex. You do not need to have sexual intercourse in order to be infected. Using a condom is a good way to protect from many STIs but with HPV, a condom does not provide full protection.

Visit your Health Center or talk to your doctor or nurse practitioner about this vaccine.

Learn more about HPV in the STI section of this website:


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